What is a Freeport?

Created by the government to boost economic growth, Freeports are specific geographic areas which have different tax and customs rules than the rest of the country. There are two main zones within a Freeport, Tax Zones, and Customs Zones. Atlantic Park sits within a Customs Zone of Liverpool Freeport.

What are the benefits of a Customs Zone?

The customs procedures for goods entering a Freeport Customs Zone are simplified and the goods don’t attract payable tariffs. Businesses operating within these zones enjoy a deferment of tariffs on goods destined for other parts of the UK until they are shipped. They can avoid tariffs altogether if they bring in goods for manufacture or assembly on-site before re-exporting them to international markets.

This has obvious advantages for any business managing complex global supply chains; supply chains that can now be routed more easily through Liverpool thanks to the development of the Liverpool 2 deep water container port, capable of handling the biggest cargo vessels in the world.

Tariff Benefits

Duty referral for goods stored on-site and duty inversion for goods exiting the Freeport. Savings from duties that do not need to be paid on outside goods and attract a lower tariff than their component parts.

Duty exemption for goods that are exported from the Freeport.

Trade Benefits

Simplified and more streamlined import procedures.

VAT Benefits

VAT suspension until goods leave the tax site entering into free circulation in the UK.

Atlantic Park is located for UK, Irish and world markets

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